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What To Do When You Wish To Change Your Domain Name?

A domain name is what users type in the browser to find your website online. This is why website domain names are essential. A domain name usually consists of two parts- root domain name and TLD (Top-level domain) extension.

The TLD extension can be country-coded as well. For example, if you are domain hosting in Singapore you can use .sg as part of your domain name extension. You can also change web hosting and keep domain names.

However, certain situations may arise where you want to change the domain name. Continue reading for some tips on what to do when you want to change domain names.

Essential Things to Do Before You Change Your Domain Name

Consider Why You Wanting to Change Your Domain Name

Changing a domain name can be a complex and time-consuming task. There are many reasons as to why you would want to change your domain name such as relocation of business, rebranding of your business, or if the domain name you wanted is finally up for grabs.

Whatever the reason may be, make sure you give adequate consideration to the reason why you want to change your domain name. This will reduce the risk of any future doubts.

Backup Your Content

Before changing your domain name, it is advisable to backup the content of your website. This way, if any issues arise while transferring your website’s content, you will have a backup of all your content.

Make sure you give adequate time to this process to successfully back up all your content.

Domain Host’s Features

Before looking for a new hosting provider, find out whether your current hosting provider allows you to change domain names. In the case that your current provider does not offer migration options, you can always sign up with a new domain host.

Download Backed Up Files

It is advisable to download all the backed-up files. This way, you always have a copy of your past files. Additionally storing these backed-up files at multiple places can be considered a smart idea.

Steps on How to Change a Domain Name

  • Step 1. Create and download a backup of your website to limit the risk of data loss.
  • Step 2. Opt for a new hosting provider if your current one does not allow you to change your domain name.
  • Step 3. Transfer your website’s content to the new domain.
  • Step 4. After transfering all your content make sure to use 301 redirect to limit the risk of losing traffic.

Steps on How to Add 301 Redirects

  • Step 1. Visit your old domain settings to avoid any errors while redirecting to your new domain.
  • Step 2. Visit the admin section of your hosting account to put in your redirect settings.
  • Step 3. Add “redirect” in your domain settings.
  • Step 4. Type in your new domain name and old domain to redirect location.
  • Final step. Save your settings and a redirect code will be created.

To Wrap It Up

Changing domain names carries many risks, such as loss of time and money, website traffic, search engine rankings, and decreased brand awareness. Therefore, make sure you properly consider the decision to change the domain name.

When you follow the steps mentioned above, the process of changing a domain name can be easier.