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The expertise is called the Submersible Chamber for Ascending Specimens or SubCAS. The two-foot long gadget was put collectively by researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and Monterey Bay Aquarium. To use the system, which is essentially an extended, clear tube, researchers place any fish they hope to deliver to the floor in a collecting cylinder. When the diver and their finned friends reach 180 ft, the cylinder is positioned inside one other tube. Then a bubble is blown into the lid, creating an air gap between the two cylinders.

And oh my, with the specifications and price point, it puts most Android flagships to shame. In 2016, they’ve designed and built their very own custom chipsets for back-end servers dedicated to machine learning. The new smaller notch is roughly the same measurement as the OnePlus 6, with no compromises on the variety of sensors placed at the front. …