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“We need to take a look at blending how we be taught, and whether or not it needs to be a mixture of virtual training alongside training with teams, peers or people. We have got to make it more accessible because, with programs closing, it is tough for people, say, in the south to journey to Scotland because they wish to do the course there, and vice versa.

“We’ve obtained to move away from the idea that you just go on one course over two years and that’s it. I think competency is the brand new profession currency, and this is what we need to take a look at – and I wish to see extra modular training and more multidisciplinary classrooms. For the first time we have obtained 5 generations working in organisations together, and it creates lots of challenges but also lots of alternatives.

If we are able to use the apprenticeship method we are able to open up a lot more training opportunities, training locations and support, in numerous environments. “I’d prefer to see extra definitive, clearer pathways into occupational health. We’re not excellent at telling people about all of the opportunities which might be there for folks.

I typically take into consideration how occupational health, and occupational health training significantly, has modified.

I skilled about 25 years ago and, I inform you, the route to training is pretty much nonetheless the same at present as it was then,” she stated.

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So, why aren’t we out there telling pupil nurses in universities about occupational health? We really must be telling them about what sort of career they could make for themselves and the various levels they will obtain,” she emphasised. There may be numerous ‘properly the NHS can practice medical doctors or nurses and we’ll just take them at a certain stage’.

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“People who spend their cash, and employers who support or sponsor folks, need to know the curricula is going to provide somebody who is fit for purpose. We have to have new and innovative ways of allowing people to learn, definitely multidisciplinary and new avenues. I’ve spoken to a number of employers the place they have issue with permitting people to do coaching as a result of they don’t seem to be sure concerning the courses. Courses, we all know, are few and much between now; I think there are most likely 4 or 5 SCPHN programs in the country. “It wasn’t my profession intention, nevertheless it simply happened and here I am all these years later.

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