Reasons you should consider studying in Denmark

 Denmark is a country that attracts lots of international students. Annually, the city of Copenhagen received over 1,500 students from all over the world, the majority of which are from European countries. A major reason that makes higher education in Nordic countries so attractive is that it’s free for EEA and EU citizens. Denmark uses innovative methods of teaching, thus offering quality education. The country is also known to provide a wide variety of subjects and great living standards, making it attractive to international students. In your daily life in Denmark, if you would like to get more information about a Danish company, you can use a national Denmark site such as to know more about the company. If you are traveling to study in Denmark, you can use momondo to look for cheap flights. Some other benefits that will offer you reasons to study in Denmark are discussed below.

You’ll experience the countries unique traditions and social life
While studying in Denmark, students get engaged in many social interactions. In their first year of study, students get placed in study groups that meet regularly to discuss classwork and readings. Universities also engage students in traditional events, including Aarhus University’s “Kapsejlads, meaning spring Regatta. This entails students gathering around the lakes in the middle of the university to have a day of boat races, relaxing, and a naked run to win tickets for the Roskilde festival. There’s also another tradition referred to as the Friday bars, involving the different departments hosting themed wild parties. With such an engaging social life, the school year in Denmark is full of a variety and fun, offering an excellent opportunity to intermingle with classmates.

Grants/ Scholarships
Universities in Denmark offer government scholarships. For example, Students from Egypt, China, Russia, Japan, and Israel are offered governments scholarships by the University of Copenhagen. Other scholarships are also available based on origins and the particular course.  Majority of universities in Denmark will provide grants, scholarships, and financial aid to help students fund their education. It is always important to inquire about specific scholarships as not all scholarships are available to international students. Scholarships always possess an element of uniqueness to every student and the goal they have.

Denmark has Top-ranked universities
Denmark has some of the top-rated universities, including the University of Copenhagen. Such universities offer international students lots of courses to choose from. Denmark is also one of the largest educations and research centers in Nordic countries. The country’s universities, including the University of South Denmark, provide a simple application process and offer accommodation ideas to students relocating from Denmark. Universities in Denmark will warmly welcome international students. Some other renowned universities in Denmark include: 

  • Roskilde University
  • Aarhus University
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
  • Aalborg University

Living costs/ Housing
At times universities in your home country form partnerships with Denmark to offer international students with incentives. Some of which may include having all other costs catered for such that you will only have to pay for your tuition fees. Students from Europe will  get free tuition on several courses, provided they have met the following requirements:

  • Their parent is from a non-EEA/EU country and works in Denmark
  • They have a permanent residence permit
  • If they get a temporary residence permit, they can always upgrade it to a permanent one.

Wildlife/ national parks

The topographies of Denmark are frequented by boars, brown bears, wolves, and elks. During weekends and holidays, students in Denmark can always visit parks to see the country’s wildlife. One of the country’s common mammals includes rodents such as hedgehogs, rabbits, squirrels, European polecats, and foxes. Roe deer are also common and roam the country’s landscape freely. In summer, an international student in Denmark will witness birds including the stork and  water fowls among other 300 bird species migrating to Denmark.

 There’s also marine life within the country’s mainland water and in the Baltic and North seas bordering Denmark. National parks in Denmark are open to visitors all year long. Some universities, such as the University of Copenhagen, provide an excellent animal Science program taught in English. In addition, if you are taking a course in zoology or any course related to animal career, national parks can hire you for student help.

 Renown Festivals/ Events
Denmark has lots of festivals and events to offers international students. An example is The Ribe International Viking Market which is a historical event happening each may. It showcases the way of life of the Vikings hundreds of years ago. It sees people from all over Scandinavia flocking Ribe the stork e to attend the historical shows and events held there.

In conclusion, this article has explored the benefits you’ll enjoy by studying in Denmark.

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