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Flip charts are helpful to current several steps or aspects that are related to a central topic, corresponding to, demonstration of the right use of mosquito nets or how HIV is transmitted. When you utilize the flip chart in health education you should talk about each web page utterly before you turn to the subsequent after which make sure that everybody understands every message. At the tip you possibly can go back to the first charts to review the topic and help folks remember the ideas. Remember that efficient health education is seldom achieved via the usage of one technique alone. Therefore, a mixture or number of strategies must be used to ensure that individuals really understand your health education messages. Local traditional events are often extremely popular and they can be humorous, sad, critical or joyful.

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If a person is appearing the function of a girl he would want to really feel comfortable doing this. If it seems as though he’s very embarrassed you would need to ask for one more volunteer or change what you are doing. In your work as a health educator you’ll usually end up giving an indication (Figure 10.5). There is a difference between figuring out tips on how to do something and truly having the ability to do it. The aim of a demonstration is to assist learners turn into able to do the skills themselves, not just know tips on how to do them.

They are also useful for delicate topics similar to sexual health education. When people are too shy to ask for advice they can pick up a leaflet and browse it privately.

If a person in your group is already in a wheelchair you would want to deal with the function play very carefully.

If anyone in your group is in a dispute with someone on the health education committee they may take the opportunity to be spiteful.

The purpose of the course is to not advocate any one specific approach, however somewhat to allow college students to make knowledgeable selections about stress management approaches towards enhancing health. Think about what real visual supplies you would possibly take with you to a health education meeting. We’ve already mentioned bed netting for demonstrating prevention of malaria, however there are other real objects too. Think for a second about how you have seen printed materials used for health education messages.

Think about posters which have been profitable and made an impact, about how different health educators have used flip charts. If you’ve a talent yourself or know someone else who does, you can experiment with posters and flip charts (Figure 10.eight). They is usually a helpful reinforcement for individual and group classes and serve as a reminder of the details that you have made.

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