Direct access to scientific literature

Access to scientific literature is often hard to obtain. Many journals are hidden away behind paywalls or uploaded on websites that cannot be accessed by everyone. We believe that scientific literature should be accessible to anyone who needs it, meaning articles should be affordable and with easy admittance. Research Solutions is an organization that makes this a reality, by delivering scientific literature straight to your e-mail inbox. 

Accessing and managing journal articles quick and easy

Making use of Research Solutions saves you money and time. The organization has scoured the internet to ensure that you can obtain journal articles for the lowest price possible. If you are looking for a specific paper, there is quite a big chance that Research Solutions can get it for you at a reduced price. Apart from a reduced price range, Research Solutions also makes the process of obtaining an article way easier. It is no longer necessary to create an account or add your billing details, as this will all be arranged by Research Solutions. Instead of clicking on endless buttons and links, you will now have access to the desired journal article in one click. The organization has access to more than 80 million articles across all publishers. About 40,000 scientific journals can be obtained through the services of Research Solutions. 

How does it work exactly? Simple. After creating an account just access any site with the academic articles you need, such as Google Scholar, PubMed or Elsevier. If you have found the articles you need, Research Solution will then check if the literature can be found elsewhere for a reduced price. If so, you will receive the selected article immediately. All your articles will be saved so that you have a direct overview of all your acquired articles. 

Keep track of your references!

Managing your references is fundamental. Clear reference management helps to link used information to the source material, but also lets you keep track of which articles are already in your library. This could save you lots of money, as poor reference management could lead to you paying for the same article twice. There are multiple tools found online that simplify the management of your used references. Sort all your references in alphabetical order, or create folders to organize the articles based on the topic. You can quickly open all acquired journal articles with one click. The articles are formatted as PDFs and accessible at any time.

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