7 Facts About Generic Drugs That Are As Good As Patent Drugs

Generic drugs like Kamagra, are types of drugs that have the same active ingredient content as patent drugs, also in terms of use and formulation. Other similarities include the strength, dosage, quality, and safety of the product for the wearer.

Despite having similarities, generic drugs are sold at a much cheaper price than brand-name drugs or patented drugs. The factor that most influences the low selling price of generic drugs are because these drugs are sold without a brand. There are also generic drugs that are not patented by the manufacturer.

Difference Between Generic Drugs and Patent Drugs

The drug brand comes from the drug company that first patented it. With a patent drug, a drug company can be the only company that sells the drug under the brand they created. The expiration of the validity period of the patent was carried out to eliminate the monopoly on drug sales.

With the loss of brands, the costs incurred by drug companies can be reduced. One of the most expensive is the cost of advertising. Generic drugs do not use advertising for their promotion, therefore they can be cheaper.

Also, to advertising the costs, another major source of funding is drug research and development. The expiration of the patent makes generic drug manufacturers just follow the steps of the company that used to have patent rights and can sell them at affordable prices.

What You Need to Know about Generic Medicine

Generic drugs like Kamagra, are drugs that contain the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs and will provide the same benefits. Generic drugs have the same dosage, capability, quality, safety, and way of use as brand-name drugs. Generic drugs are available to treat various types of diseases and some can be purchased over-the-counter at pharmacies or are only available with a doctor’s prescription. The side effects that are at risk of generic drugs are more or less the same as brand drugs that have similar active ingredients.

Facts about generics you need to know

Sometimes, some people refuse to take generic drugs because they are considered not as effective as brand-name drugs. So that you are not one of the people who misunderstand the efficacy of generic drugs, get to know the facts further as follows.

1. Generic drugs are as effective as brand-name drugs

If you’re still having trouble imagining the similarities between generics and brand-name drugs, try imagining pain like hunger. For example, when you’re hungry, you want to eat fried chicken. Out there, various outlets offer this menu, so you just have to choose the outlet that best suits your taste. But actually, the purpose of the fried chicken is the same, which is to make the audience feel full. So there is no difference if you buy K brand fried chicken or unbranded fried chicken. Both of them make you full. The same goes for generics and brand-name drugs. Both of them can cure disease. It’s just that, brand drugs usually have additional ingredients such as fruit flavors and vitamins. Meanwhile, pure generic drugs only contain active ingredients. If it is likened, generic drugs are plain fried chicken. Meanwhile, the brand medicine is fried chicken with flour which is available with cheese topping, spicy sauce, and other spices.

2. There are two types of generic drugs

Generic drugs are divided into two types, namely generic drugs with trademarks like kamagra and generic drugs with logos which are marketed according to the name of the active substance content. For the active substance amoxicillin, for example, the manufacturer “A” is given the brand “kiricillin”, while the manufacturer “B” gives the name “kanancilin” and so on, according to the wishes of the drug manufacturer. While generic drugs with the logo will be marketed still under the name amoxicillin.

3. Generic drugs are only sold when the brand drug patent has expired

When a new active ingredient in the pharmaceutical world is discovered, it will be protected by a patent for several years. The patent rights will be obtained by the drug company that discovers the material for the first time. Having a patent allows the company that invented the material to market the drug for the first time. The company can also produce as needed so that the profits can cover the research costs that have been incurred so far. As long as the patent is still valid, other drug companies are not allowed to sell drugs containing the same active ingredients. Only after the patent has expired can other companies produce drugs using the same active ingredients, including generic drugs.

4. The price of generic drugs is generally cheaper

The cheaper price of generic drugs is also sometimes the reason some people are not sure about the quality of these drugs. But actually, there is a separate reason behind the price of generic drugs which are cheaper than brand-name drugs. This reason is completely unrelated to quality. Since generic drugs can only be sold after the brand’s patent expires, the cost to produce them is also lower. To produce generic drugs, drug companies no longer need to carry out the same clinical trials as when producing branded drugs. This lower production cost makes generic drugs to be marketed at lower prices.

5. Not all drugs have a generic version

Due to the patent regulation, not all branded drugs currently circulating in the community already have the generic version. If the drug has only been discovered in the last few years, likely, the patent has not yet expired. As a result, the production of generic drugs has yet to start.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask the doctor to prescribe generic drugs

Sometimes, doctors will prescribe brand-name drugs to cure your disease. However, the price of branded drugs does tend to be more expensive than generic drugs and maybe that will burden the cost of the treatment you do. When this happens, don’t hesitate to discuss with your doctor the options available. Ask your doctor about the availability of generic drugs. If not available, ask about other drugs that can have a similar effect, but have a generic version that you can take. By having an open discussion, you can get a better treatment experience. If you have problems with erectile dysfunction, you need to try using the drug kamagra. This drug can increase sexual arousal safely and has been shown to be effective in increasing your sexual arousal

Although generic drugs have many things in common above, here are the facts about generic drugs that we should know.

  • Composition

The composition in generic drugs is not 100% the same as patent drugs. But what is certain is that generic drugs must duplicate the active ingredients in branded drugs. What may differ is the color, taste, and other additional ingredients. The active ingredients themselves are certainly very important because these ingredients play a major role in the treatment of diseases.

  • Security

The safety factor of generic drugs is one of the most highlighted things. Low prices do not mean forgetting this important factor. Generic drugs must have the same level of safety as patent drugs. Generic drugs also have the same side effects as patent drugs.

  • Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the drug is influenced by the quality, strength, purity, stability of the chemical elements, and the absorption time of the drug. There is an assumption that the body’s absorption of generic drugs takes longer than patent drugs. It is not so. Generic drugs have the same strength, purity, stability, quality, and way of working so there is no difference when absorbed by the body. In other words, generic drugs have the same effectiveness as patent drugs.

  • Use of production machines

Cheaper prices, making generic drugs are often imaged as drugs that are made by machines with makeshift technology. This perception is wrong because generic drugs are also made using machines with the same technology as those used to make patented drugs.

When given a prescription drug by a doctor, usually the doctor will first ask the patient whether to use generic drugs or patent drugs. You don’t have to worry if your doctor prescribes generics for you. Even though they are cheaper, generic drugs are just as effective as patent drugs for treating diseases if they are taken according to a doctor’s prescription.

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