About: After Dark


Before After Dark, we came from all over: some of us lived for Glee like show choir while others got a kick out of madrigals and chamber choir. Some of us grew up playing piano or guitar and others got into singing by belting alone in the car. This crazy thing called a cappella is a way to continue that passion and make some awesome memories in the process.


After Dark's love of music is greatly manifested in what we choose to sing. We compose our own arrangements, covering just about every facet of contemporary music from The Jackson Five to your favorite B-movie theme song, "Snakes On a Plane". We pride ourselves on taking on bold and challenging songs, like the epic Guitar Hero classic "Through the Fire and Flames".


Like many Wash U a cappella groups, we enjoy countless performances in Graham Chapel, the DUC, and the Whittemore House, but After Dark also enjoys spontaneous midnight performances at IHOP or Courtesy Diner. In recent years, we have proudly competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). We've performed at Saint Louis University, University of Michigan, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the nationally syndicated Steve & DC Morning Show, the all around the great city of Potosi, MO, and annually in Chicago (on our yearly fall break trip). In October 2008, After Dark entered the political spotlight by performing live on national television for The Early Show on CBS during coverage of the Vice-Presidential Debate. This past year, we traveled to Disney World together to sing and play, and we are now proud owners of a Disney Mouscar! We are eagerly planning more opportunities to travel as a group (we love road trips almost as much as we love singing).


Beyond performance, After Dark showcases its music the way any group of rock stars would: CDs. Although we are a young group compared to some of our campus counterparts, After Dark has already released four full-length studio albums. Eclipse received the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards for Best Co-Ed Collegiate Song and Runner Up fo Best Co-Ed Arrangement. "Mama's Room" was selected for the Voices Only 2007 and the SING IV compilation albums. "Ready For Love" appeared on Voices Only 2008. Aftermath was released in February, 2011, and has been a smashing success! Our most recent album, 'Til Dawn, was released in March 2013! You can check out all of our music on iTunes and on Spotify.


All of this success comes from several hours of rehearsal a week. We critique and workshop our arrangements, perfect notes in sectionals, and sing over and over until we're satisfied. Later, we create choreography that makes us smile. After all of these hours, days, and weeks devoted to our love of music, we have learned something else: we love After Dark.