It's time to announce our callbacks for Fall 2014. The past few days have been incredible--such amazing talent from such an amazing group of people. But we can only call back so many, and this year, twenty four incredible singers stood out among the rest. If your name isn't on this list, don't worry. We will hold another round of auditions in the spring, and we would be thrilled to see you again. Until then, our Fall callbacks:

Chloe Cook Courtney Cater Kendall Spina
Maya Strod Namrata Vakkalagadda Julia Thummel
Kate Hao Sally Rifkin Emily Tran
Hannah Sfreddo Isaac Lee Miles Woodhull
Peter Sharpe Michael Hyun Drew Brost
Ben Talisman Davis Heniford Jason Xie
Nate Graham Kyle Ooi Nick Youmans
Ian Boyer-Edwards Yash Bhatia Rishil Mehta

Congratulations again to all of you, and we'll see you again very soon!