Yes, welcome to After Dark's new home! Same address, but a very different look and feel. We've worked so hard on it these past few months. Please take some time to explore and make yourself at home. As this is our first go at a self-hosted page, expect multiple updates to go on through out the year. This is by no means the final version. But! That means that there could be something new every time you return, and how exciting is that?

While we have your attention, we here at After Dark would also like to welcome in the month of August and all of the incredible aca-excitement it brings. This goes double for those students considering auditioning for After Dark. As the school year approaches, we will be making numerous posts spotlighting this year's seniors as well as advertising many upcoming events like dorm storming and the a cappella info session where you can hear us and to get to know us a little bit better before you decide to audition. When you do decide, you can travel to our 'auditions' section and select the 'sign up' option. Currently, our sign up form is not live, but we will absolutely let you know on every form of social media at our disposal when it is. (Not following us on Twitter? Haven't liked us on Facebook? Click the icons on the top-right to fix that little problem right away!). Finally, if you have any more questions before this year gets started, please check out our 'contact' page. We're here to answer any question you might have.

Again, thank you for visiting and welcome to the new site. Stay a while! Let us know what you think. We can't wait to see you all again in just a few short weeks!